Budget & project planning:

We work to your ideal budget and your ideal timings.

Create your ideal home-
on your terms

Prices you can be confident in
At The Ideal Tradesman we understand that many people worry if the estimate they receive will end up being the final price, or if there are hidden ‘extras’ that will appear as the job goes on. We will always provide – in advance – a highly detailed, written estimate explaining precisely what will be done and what is included – and what is not included. We will also provide a detailed guide to any material costs so you know exactly where you are with your overall budget. We then discuss this with you to ensure that you are 100% happy. The detailed estimate will always be based on a home visit.

We work to your ideal budget and your ideal timings
We know that money does not grow on trees. And doing a lot of work at once quickly adds up. So we are happy to build a project plan with you and phase the work over a period of time in a way that allows you to get economies of scale, while fitting in with your budget and lifestyle.